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Thorium Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Thorium is the radioactive metal, belonging to the actinoids. It is a radioactive lustrous silvery/grayish metallic element. Natural deposits of thorium are very scarce. Earlier, thorium was required in the manufacture of gas mantles and alloys, but these applications fell to decay given the high reactivity of the metal. At present, thorium is a significant source of nuclear power. It also serves as a nickel hardener and a temperature enhancer in gas tungsten arc welding. Thorium is commonly used in the production of photoelectric cells, emitters of monochromatic X-ray tubes and gaseous discharge lamps.

The global demand for thorium increases due to the growing thirst for the product in the energy industry, thus, spurring the market growth. India, Australia, the USA, Canada and Brazil possess most abundant thorium reserves and are amid principle country markets.

This MarketPublishers’ catalogue contains a raft of research reports analyzing the thorium market. The research studies examine market trends and strategies, provide information on the market size and segmentation, delve into the competitive landscape and profile market leaders. The reports reveal export and import dynamics, describe dominant market players and outline factors driving and limiting the market. Moreover, future prospects for the thorium market are discussed in the research reports.

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